Alterations in Houston & Austin, Leather Cleaning & other Special Services at MW Cleaners

MW Cleaners is pleased to offer special services such as leather cleaning and alterations in Houston and Austin areas. Read about these special services:


People change. Their clothing should change with them. Our expert tailors handle minor repairs and complete alterations in Austin, Houston and surrounding areas.

Wash, Dry & Fold Service

Take laundry off your to-do list with MW WASH.  We'll wash, dry and fold your every day machine washable items that do not require pressing (sheets, towels, t-shirts, socks & undergarments).

Tablecloths and Linen Cleaning

How do you delicately clean Grandma’s antique tablecloth? You don’t. We do. Save time and energy by letting us clean and press your household linens.

Bedspread and Comforter Cleaning

You sleep under it every night, but when was the last time you had it dry cleaned? Let us clean your delicate bedspreads and comforters. You won’t believe the difference.

Drapes and Curtain Cleaning

Bring them in and see how our expert cleaning will brighten your entire home.

Shirt Laundry Services

No one likes to iron. Bring us your shirts and we’ll care for them like they were our own. Our quality laundry products preserve colors and brighten whites. And, of course, we’ll remember whether you like them folded or on hangers, light starch, heavy starch or no starch at all.

Suede, Fur and Leather Cleaning

Cleaning these precious items is a delicate operation. Leave it to the experts. We take care to preserve the exact color and texture of your garment. You’ll never take your special coat or jacket anywhere else again.

For more information about special cleaning services and alterations in Houston and Austin MW Cleaners, contact us.

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